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Accomplish all your Goals

Ever since I first started running I knew I wanted to be a coach. Really it all comes down to loving the process of maximizing a person's potential. That's why I got into the sport myself in the first place: to be the best athlete I could be. With the right systematic approach, discipline, and hard work I do believe anything is possible. Over the years, I've accumulated a great deal of knowledge through not only my own experiences as an elite athlete but also through my studies. During my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology I focused primarily on exercise physiology, athletic injuries, and nutrition, and then went on to earn a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. In addition, to being coached myself by a number of highly esteemed individuals during my time competing in Varsity Cross Country and Track, I've read almost every book there is out there on different coaching methods mostly because I find it so fascinating that there are so many different methods and routes for athletes to achieve their own individual goals. This is why I don't believe in a one size fits all approach, instead different athletes need different stimuli to achieve peak performance. I'm excited to start my coaching career and help you achieve your dreams. I will only be taking on a limited number of athletes so that I can give my full attention to each athlete. See below for the details of the programs I offer. 



Weekly triathlon training plan done through TrainingPeaks. Unlimited communication about workout structure, goals, event planning. Also includes nutrition consultation going over race day nutrition, and general nutrition to meet goals. New for 2022 coached athletes can get Lactate Threshold Testing (using an actual Lactate Analyzer) at a discounted rate.

$160CAD/ month

Single Sport

Single sport swim/bike/run program through TrainingPeaks. Unlimited communication. Also includes nutriton advice for race day/training nutrition. And new for 2022 coached athletes can get Lactate Threshold Testing (using an actual Lactate Analyzer) at a discounted rate.

$140CAD/ month

Strength and Injury Prevention

In person sessions (depending on location -within GTA) that include building you a proper strength training program designed for acheiving peak performance and injury prevention. 

$40/hr session

Lactate Threshold Testing

Take out the guess work, really dial in and personalize your training zones with a proper lactate threshold test. Speed/power at lactate threshold is one of the best physiological predictors of endurance performance. By formally testing it we can understand what is going on in your body at different training intensities, and therefore make your training as effective as possible to help reach your goals. I now offer in person testing for those living in the GTA. The test itself will take approximately 1.5 hours (plus time afterwards to analyze and discuss the results). 

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